Thursday, August 16, 2012


ACTUALLY....... This is too good to not share.  Ann Romney has every right to say whatever she wants, but her haughtiness in her recent news interview could be down right insulting.  I really don't know what the question was that caused her to go ballistic, but here is what she said:

"Seriously, what do you people expect? In the last two years alone, my husband and I have tithed $1.5 and $2.6 million, and given $7 million to charity. To get received, (??not sure what that means) we have to pay, not that I mind, no really, I don’t. What have you people done? We even gave up our elevator for you people. What’s going to be enough?  Honestly, my Mitt is a very generous person.  I've got stuff.  And haven’t you people read anything about my Mitt? All the people he’s helped. He saved the Olympics! Do you really think that is the kind of person who is trying to hide things, or do things? Private equity is what it is, deal with it. At least the guy got paid to build the stage.  Oh, and when he was Massachusetts governor he didn’t take a salary. I won’t even go into all the money we had to move around to make that one work! Christmas was a nightmare. Mitts doing God's work, don't you people know anything?  I just wish I was sure, because you people are so ungrateful. The economy would be in a sink hole if it weren’t for all the taxes rich people pay… well, we don’t pay them, er.. I mean, we pay enough, so you people don’t have to."

I have never heard or read so much babbling in my entire life.  I'm sure that what she really wanted to say is that she is better than anyone else (you know, she "has stuff").  And “you people” that are lower class than she and not entitled to the information that the wealthy share.  She was saying that we are of a different 'class' of people.   

What rock have you been under lady?  Sure you're rich, but do you think you're the only la-de-da wealthy woman in the U.S.  That is not only ridiculous, it's insulting, and pathetic.   As far as I'm concerned you have really shown your idiotic, insecure real persona.

But.....Here's the real deal.  She is hiding information, every bit as dangerous as her husband.  The Daily Kos first looked into Romney World back in 2008. The blog discovered "that Bain Capital was set up as a front company for Panamanian shell corporations to hide money. The L.A. Times got into it further last week. The families that held control of  El Salvador by assassinations contributed to several of Bain Capital’s shell companies. And Bill Bain specifically told Romney that the Panamanian money had to be totally separate from Bain & Company, the parent of Bain Capital. This was to be Romney’s baby. If word got out that Bain & Company was off-shoring money for dictators, Bill Bain’s U.S stakeholders would dump him."  From what I've been able to tell, Romney invested the money in the U.S.  But, with Romney in the deals with his investors Bill Bain just left.

Ann Romney "has stuff" and knows "stuff " and says you people don't have a right to know.  She feels that what the upper class does is no business of the lower class. Those in Romneyville doubled their incomes, investments property, etc.  And you know what they want to give the rest of Americans - coupons for Medicare and privatize our Social Security. Ann Romney doesn't want you people to know about how she and Mitt live their life.

Now tell me, are Mr. and Mrs. Romney doing God's work?