Monday, May 7, 2012

$ 960.00

ACTUALLY,  I've really had a hard time wrapping my head around this $960.00 bird print shirt of Ann Romney's.  I am by no means a bargain shopper and there are times that I've shopped till I dropped, but I can honestly say that there was never anything in my shopping bag that expensive.   However, she does live a life of luxury with multiple homes, dressage horses, 2 Cadillacs, and obviously shopping in designer boutiques is not new to her.

No, I'm not attacking her because she preferred to be a stay at home mom. Unless I'm really mistaken Mitt Romney's campaign has taunted him as a true conservative.  I suppose that there are different ways to interpret  the word "conservative".  Nevertheless, one of Gov. Romney's goals, if he became President, was going to "clean house" and also cut domestic spending. 

Well as the French say "C'est le vie".  Everyone has their own idea of domestic spending.  Look at it this way,  it helped put $960.00 back into the consumer numbers.