Sunday, October 14, 2012


ACTUALLY......As everyone knows the 47% issue (where he calls 47% of Americans free-loaders and lazy) is still very much in the news.  Romney has tried to back-track on that comment by saying, "Of course, I want to help all Americans have a bright and prosperous future".  He went on to say his comment wasn't elegantly stated and that he spoke off the cuff.  Let's talk about "elegant"......did he mean the disgusting attack on hard working Americans, the elderly, veterans, the not-so-well off Americans who are depending on their Social Security. Are they free-loading off the taxpayers?  We can't leave out the Bush tax cuts, where the rich are getting a handout by getting tax breaks and hand outs?  Or Tax Evaders like Mitt Romney, and his wealthy cronies, who pay little or no taxes because their accountants have little tricks that eliminate that? Are all these individuals not free-loaders who expect the 47% to pay their share of taxes?  It's hard to tell who the free-loaders are, isn't it?

Mitt Romney has to deal with his own greed and dishonesty with hard working families.  What is probably worse that anything he previously said, is he makes no apology for his statement. But instead is flipping around like crazy trying to change his image. 

So far he has not given us the details of the economic reform he keeps talking about.  He evades questions regarding the entitlements he is claiming he'll cut in his budget, and if he has plans for actually creating jobs he sure hasn't laid that out yet. Romney's new image he's created is one of a secret, deceptive robot without decency or details. This is the man that lied 27 times in 38 minutes during the October 4 debate.

Bain Capital is outsourcing 170 jobs, in a company they own called Sensata.  Bain is sending the company to China, and U.S. workers were actually forced to train their new Chinese workers, who are taking their jobs.  Mitt Romney gets a check for that!!  These families are on unemployment benefits, thanks to Bain Capital.   Romney refused to meet with the workers from Sensata.  They went to the RNC Convention to speak with Romney - he refused again . 

These are the facts, Romney continues to receive profits from Bain Capital, a company that he created that outsources good American workers jobs.  He didn't earn his wealth honestly, he found a way to sell off  U.S. companies and offshore American jobs.  Mitt Romney's egotistical greed and dishonesty will continue to do untold damage to the American people if he is elected.