Sunday, July 22, 2012


ACTUALLY.....According to an ad that ran recently, the RNC obviously wants the American people to ignore what our President has delivered on promises he made four years ago.  These are just a few of those promises, and results, that the Republicans should be reminded of.

1.  The President promised to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Now our dependence level has hit a 16 year low.
2.  He promised to change the tax code to support the middle-class instead of the wealthy.  He has delivered numerous tax cuts for middle-class families and small business.
3.  He pledged to make sure that community colleges prepare students for jobs in local industries.  He invested $2 million in community college and workforce training, and announced a Community College Career Fund to make that happen.
4.  He said he'd fight for American manufacturing.  Since 2010, the U.S. has created over 460,000 manufacturing jobs.
5.  He said that the military's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy was "counterproductive" and unfair.  In 2010 he sign its repeal.
6.  The President promised to make College more affordable.  He doubled funding for Pell Grants and is capping student loan programs.
7.  He promised to deliver health care reform so families could afford quality care.  In 2010, he signed the Affordable Care Act into law.

The Ad that was produced merely reflects negative tactics from Mitt Romney and the GOP to attack the President and try to upgrade their image in the voters eyes.  Romneys own strategist said that "it's clear that the negative ads are what's keeping Romney alive" and added that even Republican voters "will not vote for Mitt Romney unless they are forced into it, and the way they're forced into it is when he beats the other guy senseless".  Now, I ask you,  is that the kind of thing that the Mormon Church teaches??

Of course, we all know about Romneys deep pockets and that with the help of his PAC's he can produce numerous negative ads.  Gov. Romney is used to getting what he wants, he was raised that way, even if he sacrifices the truth in doing so.

O.K.  Mitt Romney - you proved you can talk the talk, now can you walk the walk!