Saturday, June 16, 2012


ACTUALLY.....There are some things we all need to know about Mitt Romney.  He seems to think that because he's a wealthy businessman (for crying out loud we've been reminded of that enough), he believes that he is Presidential material. Romney's wealth keeps him out of touch and, his evasiveness about his wealth makes him untrustworthy.  He thinks he can offer advantages to America but his only indication of this skill is to make himself richer.  His aggressive takeovers have cost jobs, retirement benefits and pensions to many middle class Americans not to mention many have lost their homes because of foreclosure - but, Romney made millions.  He says he wants to work for the American people and improve our nation.  Why then does he keep his money in Swiss bank accounts and the Cayman Islands?  You got it - he avoids paying a lot of taxes that way.  If Gov. Romney is elected the middle class will never recover from his plan to shelter his wealth and that of his rich cronies.  The Associated Press reported that his attorney sold off stock in Chinese companies that traded with Iran beginning in 2010, as the presidential election neared.  He also remains close to Bain Capital and he disclosed that he made over $2 million in new income from Bain, which he claims he has not led in almost 10 years.

A few words about his platform.  Romney believes it's time to cut back on government and help the American people.  He obviously doesn't understand that cops, teachers and firefighters are Americans too, because he sees a need to cut back on those professionals.  (Think about that, it's serious.) Oh!  Here's a new one for you - I just read that Romney's platform also "takes a stand in favor of access to raw milk, motherhood, English as the official language and marriage being defined as only between a natural man and a natural woman".  It's against the minimum wage law and affirmative action.

Gov. Romney only wants to preserve the rich and shortchange the middle class.  He's indignant and arrogant when it comes to his beliefs in running our great country and in being commander in chief.  He was born an aristocrat and the silver spoon is so well wedged there is no possibility of change.  This man is not who we need to be President of the United States.

And so it goes......there's much more to share.  But that's for another day.