Wednesday, June 13, 2012


ACTUALLY.... .going back a few months when Romney was questioned about illegal immigration, his immediate solution was "self-deportation" - let the 11 million immigrants just turn around and go back to where they came from. Well, now we read that at the Texas state GOP convention last week the Republicans blamed the "decades-long failure of the federal government to secure our borders and address the immigration issue".  Now, the  GOP proposes a "national temporary worker program", that's the good news -  but only for periods where no U.S. workers are available. That's the bad news.  The program would be self-funded through fees and fines, require a criminal background check and show proficiency in English.  O.K. How many illegal immigrants are there that would be proficient in English?  This program would fine those applicants with prior immigration violations, not really stating what those violations would be.  In my humble opinion those fines would probably be more than the poor immigrant could afford.  Guess what would happen then?  You got it - adios amigo. 

President Obama has been trying to get the Senate to pass a program designed to provide a fair path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.  The "Dream Act" would grant permanent legal status only to undocumented immigrants brought here before the age of 16 - and even then only to those who spent 2 years in college or in the military.  Don't you think that innocent children would make support of "The Dream Act" an easy call.  Well, think again!  The Republican's find fault and criticize every legislative effort to help these immigrants. In the 2010 Senate session, "The Dream Act" failed. 

In his third State of the Union speech The President said he wants comprehensive federal immigration reform.  But if that's not possible, he at the very least wants to give citizenship to children of illegal immigrants that qualify per his "Dream Act".  In his words:  "If election-year politics keeps Congress from acting on a comprehensive plan, let’s at least agree to stop expelling responsible young people who want to staff our labs, start new businesses, and defend this country. Send me a law that gives them the chance to earn their citizenship. I will sign it right away".

Why doesn't the Mexico born Romney just self-deport back to Mexico?  Then he would know the importance of leaving.