Saturday, July 7, 2012


ACTUALLY.......Ann Romney doesn't think that the Democrats are playing nice with her hubby.  Last year when an exasperated and frustrated DNC employee made an innocent remark with regard to forming their campaign and said, unless things change he would just have to "kill Romney", she took the comment entirely out of context and got her feelings hurt. (Perhaps a PMS moment?)  Supporting her husband in regard to that silly statement, she told CBS news in an interview that "Mitt Romney is the only one that can turn this country around and the only one that can bring hope back to this country.....which is what he ran on last time".  Well, obviously that plan didn't work in 2004 because Sen.McCain beat him, and it won't work now!! Ann believes that it's all a part of a plan to portray her husband as inapproachable and unqualified for the position that he hopes to achieve.  Ann is also giving a lot of thought to who might be his running mate.  (Is that really her job?) "It's going to take someone that Mitt will enjoy, with the same personality type that will enjoy spending time with them".  That's really an ambitious thought!  Spend time with Romney and his wife.........ugh!!

Romney has way too many problems to mention here. However, among those are his inconsistency with his ideas and statements (or should I say wishy-washy), he's unprincipled, phony, as well as greedy and will do anything to make the almighty dollar for himself (as evidenced by his tenure at Bain Capital)  Oh!  I don't want to forget the fact that he's a job-killer! Have you ever seen him actually visit with any of those people in the small town restaurant's or drug stores he calls a campaign stop?  No, he doesn't sincerely care about the middle class people that he's trying to entice into a vote in November.

How can a man with a $250 Million net worth (with possibly more hidden offshore) possibly communicate honestly with small town, middle class citizens.  I have a "news flash" for you...........HE CAN'T.  Ann Romney said "they don't get him at all".

Umm, got news for you Ann, I "get him" and so do a lot of other people he's trying to impress.