Wednesday, July 4, 2012


ACTUALLY......just when I thought that Rick Perry had quieted down a little bit, up pops Sen John Cornyn!   Because he is the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, he believes it's his mission in life to do whatever necessary to repeal a law known as Obamacare.  He believes that this health care law is "problematic for the country".  According to my reading and research, I've seen no proof of this.  He did admit that the Supreme Court may have just given the Republicans a little more fuel to fight his partisan associates across the isle and, hope that some of his cronies will rekindle the disapproval they have toward President Obama in the November election.   Cronyn is definitely out to do all he can to get a Senate majority in November.

Already a member of the Senate Republican leadership team, he aspires to being Number 2 because that slot is being held by a member that is retiring.  He believes that the only way to stop massive tax increases, government spending and cuts to Medicare, is to get rid of anyone in his way - of course we know that means don't let any democrat into the "sacred order of the Senate".  There is a government professor at American University who thinks Cornyn's aggressive approach is a risky business. In my opinion I frankly don't think that Senator Cornyn has all his facts straight about Obamacare.

This may be a great time for Rick Perry to teach Sen. Cronyn the "Texas two-step".