Sunday, August 19, 2012


ACTUALLY...... "Believe in our Future"  yes, believe it or not, that's the title of one ofs.Mitt Romney's latest ads.  Governor Romney is so proud of his record as a corporate buyout specialist, and as head of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics, and lets not forget he was governor of Massachusetts. He wants to share all of his experiences as proof that he can balance a budget and create jobs.  He has said that, he will use those wonderful experiences to guide Americans to a better future.

I've done some research and found a breakdown of the record that he's so proud of.  Here is what his leadership really meant for people that were affected by his career.

 Corporate buyout specialist

David Firestone of the New York Times, has this to say  "As Bain's founder, Romney established its business model, which is to wring the maximum efficiency from a company for the benefit of Bain’s investors, even if that means closing plants, shipping jobs to China, and laying off American workers.”

1.  Job loss - under Romney's expertise, Bain Capital's investments were responsible for thousands of workers loosing their jobs.
2.  Bankruptcies - Romney saw to it that Bain's deals were difficult for the company, and certainly it's executives, to ever really lose, even if companies took on more and more debt and went bankrupt.  Romney and his investors made $400 million from 4 bankrupt companies.
3.  Outsourcing - Bain Capital made strategic investments under Romney's direction, in outsourcing and offshoring companies that "grew into some of the largest outsourcing and offshoring companies in the world.”

Olympic Lobbyist

 Sen. John McCain said:  “You’ve got well over $1 billion that’s just a rip-off of the taxpayers, and, you know, is really a national disgrace … Actually, there should be a federal investigation.”

1.  Record-breaking expense - Romney's leadership at the Salt Lake Olympics got more federal cash than any previous U.S. Olympics, and cost the taxpayers $1.3 billion.
2.  Pet Projects - Romney used this taxpayer money on unnecessary projects.  $30 million for parking lots, $2 million for sewer systems, $500,000 for planting trees, and $4.7 million to upgrade post offices.

Massachusetts Governor

1.  Poor job creation - The Wall Street Journal tells us “The most powerful statistic may be that under Mr. Romney, Massachusetts was 47th out of 50 states in job creation, down from 36th when he took office."  Job growth was slower than the national average during the entire term that Romney was governor.
2.  Outsourcing -"Romney vetoed a bill that would have prohibited sending work overseas, and even outsourced jobs to a call center in India."
3.  Debt - When Romney left office, "Massachusetts became the first state in the nation in net tax supported debt per capita."

Do we want to elect a man as President of the United States that has a record of outsourcing, poor job creation and unnecessary spending?  He's saying that all these experiences will bring a better future for Americans.

It looks to me like he's tried all his magic, and his grandiose ideas haven't worked in the past.  They sure won't work now!!