Wednesday, August 22, 2012


ACTUALLY..... To ask Mitt Romney (for the umpteenth time) to release his tax returns is not an incidental thing.  He has always believed that he is better than anyone else, and can march to his own drummer.  He has always played by his own rules and says he will continue to do so. He is only adding fuel to the fire with his refusal.  What he should face is whether the voters will trust him and his own rules. 

He has already painted such a picture of distrust and dishonesty that even some of his longtime supporters have called on him to disclose.  They have painted him as an "untrustworthy, tax-dodging plutocrat".  Romney says he has never paid less than a 13% rate in income taxes over the past 10 years.  However, he won't make the documents public, and won't say why.  That sounds to me like he is hiding something very treacherous and specific.

There have been some articles in business publications that are suggesting that when the stock market crashed in 2008, Romney lost enough on paper to declare a loss and pay no taxes.  He has created all kinds of ideas about illegal accounting tricks and strange tax shelters.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is claiming, albeit without definite proof, that Romney hasn't paid taxes in 10 years.

It's a well known fact that Romney is rich (he's certainly said that enough).  It's well documented  that he owns several houses, luxury cars and boats and has amassed a $250,000 fortune.  He has said, in one of his documents that he has already released, that he has sheltered a lot of his money from taxes in a Swiss bank account, a Cayman Islands account, and an offshore investment in a Bermuda shell company.

If this man is not hiding something that is illegal, dishonest or criminal, then he needs to come forward and respond to whatever the consequences may be. For a presumptive presidential nominee, it seems to me that he is being deceitful, unfair and insincere.   And, you know what - he doesn't give a damn.