Sunday, September 30, 2012


ACTUALLY....... Now, the "Nun's On A Buss" is attacking Romney, and for good reason.  They say he's out of touch (we hear that a lot don't we).  The Nun's have said "that his 47% comment shows that he has no idea how hard it is at the margins of our society."  Sister Simone says "The truth is, there's a shift of money to the top - tax cuts for the wealthy".

The Nun's got off the bus and onto the Staten Island ferry to highlight the GOP's budget impacts on poverty programs in New York City.  Sister Simone, the executive director of 'Network' said "Romney's comments broke my heart because they demonstrated his lack of knowledge about the living conditions of America's poorest citizens".  She followed by saying that "it was shocking to me that a person who says he wants to to be the leader of our nation believes that 47% of our country is basically lazy or dependent or indolent - it broke my heart that he was so out of touch, that he would so not know the truth of folks at the margins of our society that work so hard. He obviously doesn't know that if you work a minimum wage job, if your providing janitorial services, or if your a day laborer, you're still in poverty.  He has no idea!!  Representatives for Romney or Ryan didn't respond to a request for comment. (what a shock)

Before Romney choose Ryan as his running mate he supported the Ryan Budget.  Ryan's budget cuts are mainly from programs that benefit the poor, including food stamps, Medicaid and other assistance programs.  The Nun's invited Romney and Ryan to join them during a stop in Ohio and again in Cincinnati, not to speak, just to listen to folks experiences.  They have yet to get an answer!  They won't get an answer, because neither Romney or Ryan are interested in that they have to say.  They want Romney and Ryan to know the truth of  poor people in the U.S.  The Nun's want the hard working people who are living below the poverty level to have a little money in their pockets.  In my opinion, neither Romney or Ryan could care less about the poor.  They've never lived it and I doubt seriously if either of them have ever seen what the poor have to contend with on a day to day basis, i.e. a modest roof over their heads, hand me down clothing, clipping coupons to feed their families, and perhaps no health care.

Paul Ryan calls himself a good Catholic.  He thinks churches can pick up the tab.  That's ridiculous because the magnitude of the need is so great.  The Sister says "Catholic teaching is based on solidarity.  Ryan doesn't understand that all decisions need to be made with the good in mind".  There are two high-profile bishops who have been sending letters to Congress about the importance of protections for the poor.  Those Bishops have said: