Thursday, September 27, 2012


ACTUALLY....... Mitt Romney proceeded to offensively attack the dignity, offend and insult 47% of the American people, which includes not just the poor but also working-class families, members of the military and the elderly. He said  "it wasn't his job to worry about those people".  Well, that disgusting statement didn't do much for him, so.... last Sunday night he told Scott Pelley, on 60 Minutes, that he cares about 100% of the people.  He said he was in this race for the poor and the middle class. That was not just a flip-flop, it was a backwards double-sumersault whiplash!!

The only 100% that Governor Romney cares about are himself and his wealthy cronies.  For instance:
  •  Romney wants to cut service personnel, their pay, their health care and their pensions
  •  Romney wants to privatize the United States Post Office
  •  He wants to cut back on fire fighters and police officers 
  •  The EPA - a little cut back there.  Do you think Romney cares if we have clean air, or clean water
  •  He plans to privatize Social Security-you can put a little money aside each month for your retirement
  •  Romney would "get rid of" Medicare.  He'd issue vouchers and you can buy your own health care
  •  He would end FEMA.  Cantor says fine, but only after he's sure it provides aid to his territory first.
  •  Romney will privatize schools.  If he closes public schools and have children go to private schools with vouchers, this would eliminate union teachers.  The private schools could choose whatever they want for tuition or deny students whom they consider unfit to go to their schools.  The private schools do not have to accept the public school children.
  •  Romney would do away with the hiring of teachers with 'highly qualified certification' requirements and block grants for money for states that adapt policies focused on improving teacher effectiveness.
  •  Romney says that classroom size doesn't matter to students, and doesn't impact educational outcomes.  After all his elite schools had classrooms of 14 students, Romney's children had just 11
  • He supports low interest rates on student loans on a temporary basis.  His best advice for students trying to figure out how to afford college "shop around, borrow money from your parents".
  • Planned Parenthood, he'll git rid of that, never mind the 3 million patients that depended on that last year
  • Taxes - the rich get richer and the poor get poorer
  • Obamacare - he'd repeal most of that on his first day in office