Monday, April 16, 2012


ACTUALLY,  In my opinion, I'm as qualified as anyone to talk about Women in America - you see as well as Ann Romney, I have also have been a stay at home mom.  However, I did this while running my own business, taking care of 3 children (sorry not 5), leaving my business to drive them to various school events and of course doctor and dentist appointments.  This also included taking them to their jobs after school, etc.  That was my choice!  Ann Romney made her choice!  You know what - all 3 of my children were outstanding students, even though I was not always at home.  I realize that Mrs. Romney was staying home, however, she also made time to compete in national dressage equestrian events: devoted time to various charities: worked with teen age pregnancy prevention:  helped faith based groups and was on the Board of the United Way of America.  Wow, that sounds a little like work to me.

In speaking of Women in America I would be negligent in not including their health care.  Does anyone out there really know all the benefits of Planned Parent Hood.  I'm not sure I did until Gov. Romney said that was one of the first thinks he would "kill".  All women, perhaps even Mrs. Romney, have taken advantages of some of that plan.  Yes, sex education and necessary abortions are included, but also all the female physical exams that we need, cancer screening and mammograms - and don't forget the freedom to choose our own physicians and hospitals.  Women of America, we MUST keep that program.

Because we live in America we have other astounding options.  We can worship whatever God we please: dress the way we want: drive our 'Cadillac's' when and where we wish, and last but not least live our lives in freedom.  I think fortunate is much too inadequate to describe this fantastic way of life.