Sunday, April 8, 2012



ACTUALLY, because I'm a born and bred Texan,and the Gov. of our great state bothers me a lot.  Last summer Gov. Perry proclaimed a day of Christian prayer and fasting to ask God's wisdom for help.  He stated  "There is hope for America.  It lies in heaven and we will find it on our knees".  After he got off his knees, this elected official started using our tax money, the Texas seal, the Texas website and government time for his own purpose.  I read in March that his travel expenses and security detail cost us Texan's over $1.7 million., with more to come.  As I understand it, this ridiculous sum was for his campaign to run for President of the United States.  Oops! We all know how that turned out.  Now, my big question during this time is who's minding the store in Texas?   Public education is in trouble;  health care for the children of our state is suffering and environmental problems together with the state taxation system needs a redo.  We have to get off our knees and actually do something to fix our problems.

I realize that Gov. Perry's next election is not until January, 2015.  But start thinking about this it's not too soon!  I ACTUALLY think we owe our citizens more.  It's important.