Sunday, June 10, 2012


ACTUALLY....Gov Mitt Romney has laid claims to many things.  "He is a man that his admirers would not call a gifted politician".  In my opinion, he is just a puppet waiting for the GOP to pull the strings.   With all his wealth and professed severe conservatism,  he has trouble telling the truth.

A few examples.....
Romney:  "President Obama 's failed economics have led to more regulations":  Fact:  He has approved fewer regulations through his first 3 years and signed an executive order requiring agencies to find ways to eliminate ineffective regulations - also rolled back more than 500 regulatory reforms from 26 agencies.

Romney:  "President Obama said that the $787 billion borrowed would let him hold unemployment below 8%"  Fact:  False!!  Obama never said he would hold unemployment below 8%.  The information to dispute this claim exists on the Romney campaign website.

Romney:   "President Obama has not created more jobs for the American people".  Fact:  For the last 26 months, the economy has added more than 4 million private sector jobs.

Romney:  "Under Obama's term the number of new business started per year is down 100,000".  Fact :  The rate of business starts was 5% higher in 2011. than before the recession.

Romney:  "93% of the jobs lost during Obama's years were lost by women".  Fact:  Economic experts have said this charge was "skewed" and "mostly false".

In a recent White House news conference, Gov. Romney took President Obama's economic policy completely out of context, because that was another thing that he could twist and turn.  If Romney had listened instead of making knee-jerk comments, he would have heard our President say that while there is still room for improvement the job picture in the private sector is doing better than in the public sector. In case the Republicans don't remember, the United States has gone through a deep recession.  There have been over 3 million private jobs added in the private sector.

Mitt, I would suggest that you get your brain in gear before you open your mouth!   Do you ever check your facts??  It's really not that hard. Even I can do it.