Friday, May 4, 2012


ACTUALLY, it was in 2008 that Barack Obama spoke to a group of young people at a University in the mid-west trying to get his audience to be enthused on a theme of  hope for tomorrow, their career's and their lives.  They figured they couldn't overcome the politics and cynicism of Washington.  Then he convinced them that with hard work they could elect a "skinny kid with a funny name - Barack Hussein Obama" to lead their country.  Hence the statement derived "Yes we Can!"    and yes we did!
Everyone is concerned now about the cost of a college. The President has suggested that college age students commit to at least one year of  higher education or vocational training that would help prepare for their future.  Most kids have to take out a student loan for college - you don't have to have a "wealthy father who was an executive".  All you need is to badly want to improve yourself.  There are other ways - scholarships, grants and pure hard work.  The nations youth haven't always known about what real politics would mean for their future.  Some never even thought about government at all.  They are now better informed.  The President is trying to attract the young voters, not only for his good, but for theirs as well.  He's done a lot for you - now it's your turn.

Register to vote in the national election and remember to VOTE for your friend and mine President Barack Obama!!  He's on your side - we need to support him and watch his back!!