Friday, May 4, 2012


ACTUALLY,  Mitt Romney made a victory speech after he clinched the presumptive Republican nomination for President, in which he very accurately quoted several statements from Obama's 2008 speech.   The rest of  Romney's speech, in itself, was nothing special, and his political presence did not start there.  It started the first time he stepped on the stage for a debate with his 7 other hopeful nominees for the next President of the United States.  It was there that he began his flip-flopping spin to the American people that he was trying so hard to impress.  There he was, in his best attire, bragging about being a very successful business man whose father was the former head of American Motors, and mentioning several times about his own wealth and not apologizing for being rich.  Kudos to you sir.   To me he was like a card board cut out with a smirky  smile that could be wound up to speak when spoken to.

Somehow he managed to become less and less liked in each state as the campaign rolled on.  Even so, he kept winning.  He managed to get donations from his deep pocket friends that resulted in millions of dollars of often blatantly inaccurate advertising.  Still, his image is that of an insensitive man who enjoys firing people and is back-tracking his statements so fast it's dizzying to keep up with him. 

He continues to rant about all the things he will do the "very first day of his Presidency".  He will have an extremely busy day!  In his words, "he is going to clean house".   He wants to put the nation on the path to a balanced budget; cut an array of taxes; build up the Navy and Air Force by adding 100,000 additional military personnel; slash domestic spending.  Stop me if I'm wrong, but has he ever said how he would do those things?  He did say he would just 'stop' some programs, just 'get rid of them'.  Oh yes, Medicare would end as we know it and he would immediately repeal Obamacare.  As governor of Massachusetts he enacted a health care program that was essentially just like President Obama's "health care for all" and called it Romneycare, but no, certainly he will not repeal that.  Do you suppose he thinks that the state of Massachusetts should benefit from health care, but not the other states in the union?  That's a little illogical, don't you think?  He's so out of touch with most of the American people, especially the middle class, he just doesn't relate - he doesn't 'get it'.

I've just read where Gov. Romney is not going to speak at the Texas Republican convention - poor man's just too busy for Texas.  However, Rick Santorum will be speaking in his place.  This is the man that has called Mitt Romney the absolute worse conservative candidate the Republicans had in the race.

Thanks for reading - there WILL be more later.