Friday, May 11, 2012


ACTUALLY, Mitt Romney's apologies for "stupid high school prank" have portrayed him as a bully that wasn't the least bit tolerant toward anyone that was not like him, especially to gay persons or their rights.

Mitt Romney, as a teenager that was raised in a wealthy environment, was apparently taught no respect for anyone other than his family and close friends who were of the same upbringing.  Attending the wealthy boarding school in a Detroit suburb did not teach him that people with different lifestyles also had the privilege of their own pursuit of liberty and happiness to live their personal life.  There was no right or wrong being taught in this regard.

We have read recently about gay bashing.  Is holding down a classmate, after calling him out of his dorm room so that a group of schoolmates could hold him down and cut off his bleached blond hair, really any different?  He screamed for help as Romney held him down. I have read that this particular young man was constantly teased for his presumed homosexuality and being "different" from others.  According to the Washington Post, Romney was upset about how the boy wore his hair hanging in his eyes, and said "He can't look like that, it's wrong".

Romney has conveniently forgotten about the incident, but didn't dispute that it happened.  It is my belief that a teenager remembers most traumatic incidents. Romney said he was sorry and that there was no harm intended - then why do it if he didn't intend some kind of harm.  This was an act of cruelty, plain and simple.  I can't help but wonder what other things Romney may be sorry for.  Somehow I don't think you'll be able to sweep this one under the rug Governor.

Saying you're sorry is a worthless use of words!!!