Tuesday, May 15, 2012


ACTUALLY, as the world and it's clerical views are changing, our President made a very bold and courageous statement when he explained his vision for a better America.  In his words he said a better America applies to everyone "no matter what you look like, no matter what your last name is and no matter who you love".  He believes that every American should be treated with respect and dignity - a fair chance for everyone regardless of your sexual orientation.  I'm sure this was not an easy thing for him to do, however, he discussed his decision with his family and was well aware of the political riskiness involved.  He was certainly aware of the sensitive issue of a traditional marriage between a man and a woman for a lot of people, but he followed his best judgement and acknowledged that gays and lesbians should have the same equal right of marrying their loved one.  His repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" is going smoothly in the military.  According to Defense Secretary Panetta, it is in no way affecting the morale, and the troops are ready to carry on their task of protecting 

It's absolutely no surprise that the strong opposition to same- sex marriage is coming from Mitt Romney and his Republication co-hearts.  Gov. Romney also opposes civil unions and has said he would back a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.  They are justified in their beliefs and their lifestyle, but not in their effort to use the government to enforce their views on others.  The governments job is not to legislate morality.  As Gov. Romney made a spiritual speech At Liberty University last week, among other issues, he spoke of defining what he believes is the true American experience.   He has described himself as "one of the nation's leading advocates" against same-sex marriage.

The President did not come out in support of this as a political statement, it was a deep well thought out personal decision.  Yes, President Obama may have put himself at risk politically.  He believes the forces of history are changing and his message sends hope and value to the young people who are struggling to come out - and that, my friends, is certainly life changing, There are already signs that the endorsement of same-sex marriage has convinced a number of liberal donors who were on the sidelines to contribute to the Presidents campaign.

And now we move on to other important issues and  FORWARD TO OBAMA IN 2012!