Thursday, May 31, 2012


ACTUALLY....A columnist from the New York Times has given me this idea.  He said "President Obama should run his campaign for re-election on things he has already accomplished".  I started thinking about that and by golly he's right.  Our President has done some wonderful things that a great deal of the American people don't even remember because they're so wrapped up in silly politics.

2 years after the Presidents health care bill became law and is fully implemented, no American with a per-existing condition will ever be denied coverage. The Republican Party says that Obama's plan is socialized medicine.  People without insurance can go to an emergency clinic or plead with some doctor to take their case and then, guess what?   That care is shared by all of us who have insurance because the rates go up.  That is socialized medicine.  Our President is letting himself be considered a health care socialist, which he is not!

Obama saved the auto industry from bankruptcy, and 2 years later he got all the automakers to agree to increase mileage to their vehicles to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025, from the 27.5 miles per gallon average today.  Progress, don't you think?

Then there was the Bush tax cuts versus the Obama bailout.  It should have been the Bush deficit explosion and the Obama rescue.  What some of you may be thinking is that the deficit has increased under Obama.  Yes, mainly due to saving the country from going into a depression after the Bush-era 2 wars and, a 2003 Medicare prescription drug bill that nobody could afford.

Boy, I could go on ranting forever on this subject, however, I'll just bring this to an end and let you consider these few accomplishments.  President Obama has made some great strides in just a few years and still has a lot to finish.  And, you know what - he knows what to do and how to do it!!

Stay tuned.  I'll get back to you on Part 2 a little later.