Thursday, June 7, 2012


ACTUALLY.....what would most Americans really want, a major military operation, costing millions, putting American men and women in harms way, while also killing and maiming numerous innocent people with the possibility of not getting the al-Qaida operative leader that would terrorize the United States - or a cleaner drone strike that would accomplish the removal of a dangerous enemy?  The names of potential targets are discussed with other departments and agencies. The significant targets are brought to the President only in special cases.  There are no "Terror Tuesday" meetings.  Instead the President discusses broad parameters and offers strategic guidance for counter terrorism policy and, no, he doesn't make the call on every action.  He's not doing this to be portrayed as a "tough guy playing judge and jury" as some would like you to believe.   Using Drones to get the bad guys is less costly than exposing our troops to risk.

People, we're fighting a different war than ever before, and it has to be fought in a different way.  In addition to Drones, we now have cyberwar threatening our nation.  President Obama is well aware of these situations at all times and will face them boldly as they arise.

I can't help wondering what Gov. Mitt Romney thinks about Americas approach to Drone warfare. He wants to make the conventional U.S. Military the strongest in the world when our major threats are non-conventional. 

Now, I've got it - he's just going to "fire" al-Qaida.  He likes to do that, you know.