Thursday, May 31, 2012


ACTUALLY... Romney wrote a letter to President Obama and even though it was addressed to "Mr. President", I still feel compelled to answer it.  The letter started very friendly "Welcome to Ohio" - of course knowing Mitt Romney, it went downhill from there.  His first question was "Where are the jobs?" and then from there he suggested that many Americans have given up hope.  What a stretch of the truth that is, America is hope.  Romney boldly said President Obama's policies have failed across the nation.  I'd really like to know what rock he's been under.  President Obama has added back 4.2 million private sector jobs and seen 26 straight weeks of job growth.  And his progress with the auto industry?  Really Gov. Romney you of all people should realize that, being from the auto industry family.  You know, that's the "let Detroit go broke" thing. As the letter progressed Mitt Romney told our President "that he was out of his depth when it came to economic affairs".  Romney has spent years working in the private sector, starting new businesses, buying businesses, firing workers, bankrupting companies and eventually closing them down.....but collecting a profit for himself.   Here's just a sample of Romney's economic plan, you can form your own opinion

1. Get the government out of business because only the private sector has economic muscle. Humm? He wants to return federal power to the state level.  He will grow jobs and shrink government.
2. He wants to eliminate Obamacare.  Bad thought for most Americans Mitt.
3. He wants to make the Bush tax cuts permanent and lower the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%.
4.  Romney would introduce a Constitutional  amendment that requires a balanced budget.  However, he didn't mention how he would do that.  
5. He would reduce Medicare similar to Paul Ryans road map. Have any of you read that road map? OMG
6. He wants the states to solve their unfunded pension obligations, and tie unemployment benefits to worker training.  Now that would really make the unemployed happy - no money to spend for rent or food, but you would get training - talk about ridiculous?
7. Romney wants a partnership among countries committed to free enterprise, and free trade agreements with Columbia, Panama and South Korea and he would prosecute trade infringements with China without starting a trade war.  How??
8. He thinks China is a currency manipulator and will assess duties on Chinese imports if they don't float their currency.  I believe he could cause another war if somebody doesn't stop this nonsense!

In Romneys letter to Obama he said he will "unleash America's potential and turn around our federal government".

 Do you notice he never says HOW he plans to do these things?  Is this a man we would want to be Commander in Chief?  I don't think so!!