Wednesday, August 29, 2012


ACTUALLY...... It's extremely hard to define our social classes in America. The gap between the rich the middle-class is indeed widening.  A new survey found that most Americans believe the very wealthy are intelligent, but greedy and less honest than the average American.

According to latest research findings "about 63% of Americans say the GOP favors the rich over the middle-class and poor, and 71% say Romney's election would be good for wealthy people.  The Great Recession was not an equal opportunity dis-employer."  A public policy professor at the University of Michigan describes the gap between rich and poor as the widest in decades.  College graduates, whites, and middle aged workers, had fewer and shorter layoffs than high school graduates, blacks, Hispanics and younger workers.  And only a small percentage of the rich work in the hardest hit industries, like construction and manufacturing.

Mr. "Fix-it" will double interest on student loans, making a college education harder for middle-class Americans.  Next, seniors won't know what hit them when he makes changes in Medicare.  There are many more 'shockers' that he has in store, but I'll leave that for another time.

That Americans, is the Romney-Ryan partial plan for a "better America".  More tax cuts for the rich, who don't need it; higher taxes on the middle-class, who don't need it; higher interest rates for student loans, who don't need it, less Pell grants for students, who don't need it, and less Medicare.  How can that plan fail?  It did fail from 2001-2009 under the last Republican president.

The Romney campaign has an up hill battle as they try to win over the middle-class voters.  They are  known, by many, as the party of the rich.  People have said that Romney has always felt that his wealth puts him out of touch with regular Americans...... now he must convince the voters that he is the candidate who represents the middle-class.  Romney and Ryan dubbed their campaign as The Come Back Team.