Tuesday, June 26, 2012


ACTUALLY......ever see a fish out of water? Take a look at Mitt Romney -  they flip and then they flop, not knowing really what to do.  Here are only a few occasions where Romney has done a 'fish thing'.

FLIP - Romney said "illegal immigrants should have a chance at citizenship".
Flop -   Then, "secure the border, employment verification and no special pathway to citizenship"

FLIP - Romney refused to take a position on Bush's 10 year tax cut.
FLOP - "McCain opposed the tax cuts, Romney noted 'I support them' the former Governor said"

FLIP - "Romney said he will stake stands that put him at odds with ultra conservative groups, and committed his support for the assault rifle ban and the Brady control law"
FLOP - "I'm after the NRA's endorsement, I'm not sure they'll give it to me, but I hope they do. I joined because if I'm going to ask for their endorsement, they're going to ask for mine".

FLIP - "I have a gun of my own.  I go hunting myself.  I'm a member of the NRA and believe in the right to bear arms".
FLOP - "Asked by reports at a gun show whether he personally owned a gun, Romney said he did not."  He borrows one from his son.

Don't ask don't tell?  Don't ask Mitt Romney 

FLIP - "the first of a number of steps that will automatically lead to gays and lesbians being able to serve openly and honestly in our nations military".
FLOP - "He said it was a silly phrase that didn't make a lot of sense however the last 10 year have convinced him that the policy is working and there is no harm in it"

FLIP - When a 2002 Constitutional Amendment was proposed to ban same-sex marriage, Romney opposed it.
FLOP - Romney will now join petition backers in a State House event to urge the Legislature to pass the Protection of Marriage Amendment."

FLIP - Mitt Romney broke with GOP tradition and refused to sign the Americans for Tax Reform, to oppose and veto all efforts to increase taxes.
FLOP - Almost 5 years after he refused to sign a 'no new taxes' pledge, Mitt Romney did just that.

There's a lot more flipping and flopping I could tell you about - but I think by now you've got the picture.