Saturday, June 30, 2012


ACTUALLY.....It's not surprising that Mitt Romney is gambling not only his reputation, but his campaign on the economy.  He persistently argues that President Obama has has failed miserably at improving our economy.  A Romney strategist says that they view this as a very simple election.  Should we all just go sit on a beach somewhere until November?  I think not!!  Again, Romney is proving that he really doesn't "get it".  The Supreme Courts ruling on Healthcare is merely a test of his campaigns strategy.  Have they even thought of what the Supreme Courts decision to pass this law will mean to the voters in November?  He better get ready for the political fight of his lifetime if he intends to beat President Obama. 

Romney claims that Obamacare "put's the Federal Government between you an your doctor".  Not true!  The law will set minimum benefits, but medical services will not be Government run.  Romney is still calling Obamacare a "job killer".  This is truly overblown and has been a standard attack line for the Republicans. The facts have not stopped Republicans from making the "job-killing" claim a major part of their campaign 2012 ads:

1.  Five ads by the U.S.Chamber of Commerce attack Democrats by repeating the "Obamacare will kill jobs" statement.
2.  Seven other Chamber spots praise Republicans, using the same theme.
3.  An ad from the group Freedom Path says the law is "devastating to small business".
4.  Repulican Joe Bonner features a large stack of papers that he claims are "job-killing regulations and taxes" in one of his spots.

This is all a bunch of  (fact checked) baloney.  The GOP ads combine their "job-killing" claims with their often stated slogan calling the law a "government takeover of health care", which is false.  Remember, Mitt Romney is a rich over-reacting puppet, trying to buy his presidency. Remember that 'silver spoon' theory - he's trying it out again.

Get off your high-horse Gov Romney - you look really ridiculous. You  might want to loose those jeans!