Monday, July 16, 2012


ACTUALLY.....Has President Obama failed to remind the GOP, as well as the American People, that this great country of ours was in an economic disaster when he signed the oath of the Presidency?  He has been conscious and courageous in digging America out of a tremendous hole.  Sure, he made promises that he hasn't been able to keep, but most of those failed promises were not his fault. In answer to questions about what he wanted to do and still will try to do in his second term, read on: 

Several months ago President Obama challenged Congress with a "to-do" list.  The list he wanted was not new for the administration.  They were laid out in the American Jobs Act and in his State of the Union Address.  The list included passing legislation to give companies a 20% tax credit to move their overseas operations back to America and legislation to give small businesses that hire new workers or increase wages a 10% income tax credit.  It included legislation on 2 energy tax credits and to create the Veterans Job Corps, which would help post 9/11 veterans get jobs as firefighters and police oficers, as well as other jobs that would serve their communities.

The jobs bill he sent Congress included these policies, and more, that he knew could grow the economy and put Americans back to work.  Every time he put these policies up for a vote, the Republicans in Congress said "no".  The Presidents press secretary is quoted as saying "I don't think congress will act because the President says they must act".  It's like running into a brick wall.

Most Republican lawmakers should explain to their constituents what they did while they were in Washington.  Can they  explain that they put forward every effort to help the economy grow and create jobs?  Certainly not!  Can they say that they have earned their salaries and other numerous perks?  Certainly not!!  Can they say all they really want to do is get President Obama out of office?  YES, that they can certainly say!!

Do we have a "do-nothing" Congress?  Absolutely!!