Wednesday, July 18, 2012


ACTUALLY.....Mitt Romney just can't stand to have someone get the best of him.  Therefore, he now has this cockamamie idea that President OBama's administration is compared to those in foreign lands where the government gives handouts to the rich and makes the middle class suffer.  I think his 'Bainpain' has really got him reaching, big time.  He says that Obama is handing out money to the businesses of his campaign supporters. Romney said "I believe in free markets and free people" and is accusing President Obama of crony capitalism. 

Of course, we all know that Romney is still trying to run from the "tax return police".  He still hasn't explained why his name appears on government filings as leading Bain Capital years after he claims he left it.  Instead of telling the American People the truth he would rather criticize our President for a "political philosophy that he says attacks success and wants Americans to be ashamed of their achievements".  President Obama said "if you've got a business - you didn't build that.  Somebody else made that happen."  Once again Romney took a statement entirely out of context and wants the American people to believe only what he want's them to believe. What Obama actually said is that he praised individual achievement.  The "handouts" Romney mentioned was actually referring to contributions from school teachers or road builders.  The President believes in helping the middle class and thinks that somewhere there was a great teacher in your life that taught you to survive and be a creative person - build roads and bridges.

Romney said that Americans value their school teachers, firefighters and road builders, but they are funded.   Yes, you moron, they have to be funded.  The Gennie doesn't just jump out of the bottle and twitch his nose to make these things happen.

Mitt, get your head out of the sand and act like a grown up. Oh, and Gov. Romney, you want to know where the stimulus money went during the Presidents first term....................stay tuned - next post