Friday, August 24, 2012


ACTUALLY..... Governor Romney has unveiled his latest Energy Plan.  He got really wordy with this, so I will summarize the high points, as I see them.    I must give credit to the Washington Post for most of this information, but I believe it's worthy of sharing.  First of all Romney wants North America to have energy independence by 2020.  He says "North America is the fastest growing oil and gas producing region in the world".  There are some issues here that need to be accomplished before proceeding.

First: the United States will need to open up more federal lands and waters to oil and gas drilling.
Second: The federal government will have to give states more power to approve permits to speed up the rate of drilling.  Romney is promising "North American energy independence", not U.S. energy independence.There are many different views regarding oil and energy in his plan, therefore, I am giving you the five big points:

1.  The United States is already shrinking it imports on oil and gas.  It's unclear how much of Romney's plan would accelerate the process.  (In other's words, he has no idea and he's not saying)
2.  Energy independence will require more than just drilling - it will also depend on fuel economy - standards that Romney has opposed.
3.  Energy independence can't protect the U.S. from high oil prices
4.  More drilling could create jobs, however Romney's claims are probably false in that area.
5.  Romney's plan give no thoughts to other concerns, particularly global warming.  (That's interesting because he has said he doesn't believe in global warming).

The regulation question is certainly relevant when it comes to natural-gas fracking..  Public concern over fracking could prove a problem to gas development unless careful regulations are put in place. (How's he going to do that?) Romney's plan has a line about how he would "strengthen environmental protection" and not destroy jobs, paralyze industry or block the use of resources like coal. 

Main details are not yet announced, however, President Obama is criticizing Romney's energy plan.  The President is claiming that Romney is defending billions in oil subsidies instead of using oil more effeciently or developing other alternatives.  According to ABC News, President Obama feels that we will never reach energy independence by turning our backs on homegrown renewal energy and better auto mileage. "Under the Obama administration, America has produced the most natural gas ever, the most oil in 14 years and is on track to double the electricity production by renewable sources like wind and sun."

Perhaps you should go back to the drawing board Mitt.  Looks like this energy thing in covered.