Friday, August 24, 2012


ACTUALLY.....  So, Mitt Romney has decided to offer an obviously "iffy" excuse for his not releasing more than two years of this tax returns.  He told Parade Magazine that he never intended for the amount of money he gives to the Mormon Church to be made public.

"Our church doesn't publish how much money people have given.  This is all done privately.  One of the dangers of releasing one's financial information is that it is all public, but we never intended our contributions to be known.  It's a very personal thing between ourselves and our commitment to our God and to our church."

Well, Governor Romney, perhaps you should have a serious ' sit-down' with your wife. I wrote a post not long ago where she said "In the last two years alone, my husband and I have tithed $1.5 and $2.6 million, and given $7 million to charity".(Oops, was that not supposed to be public knowledge?)

OMG!  I believe that kinda' pokes a hole in your pathetic excuse for not releasing your tax returns.   You should work on that a little.